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Gain Vital Customer Insights and Create a Competitive Advantage With Qualitative Market Research

Grow your business with online focus groups and discover the strategic branding insights you need to gain a competitive marketing edge.



Here’s how we can help you grow your brand:

• Identify your target market

• Understand your customers’ needs, desires and pain points

• Refine your new product concepts

• Refine your package designs

• Evaluate your corporate identity and imagery

• Sharpen your advertising message

• Generate brand names and taglines

Discover Strategic Insights with Talking Business-Holly-ONeill
Discover Strategic Insights with Talking Business


If you would like more information on any of our focus group, branding or brainstorming programs, please call us at:


p. 949.721.4160


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    Happy clients include



    “We have had the benefit of Holly’s outstanding skills and talents in driving successful marketing campaigns for many years. Holly’s strong moderating skills get right to the heart of deep emotional issues that trigger brand attitudes and relationships. Her in-depth analyses are always thorough and include a plethora of actionable insights that can be used to help craft salient advertising. We strongly recommend Holly O’Neill to you in assisting your organization to achieve effective communications solutions and improve your brand visibility.”


    Desiree Stimson-Greek | Creative Director | DSYL

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    See How Online Focus Groups Stack Up with Traditional Qualitative Methodologies

    Do you want to exceed your Qualitative research goals with custom-designed online focus groups and online communities that address your unique needs? We’re happy to answer your questions and setup a complimentary meeting.