Holly is a superb presenter with an excellent grasp of her subject matter. She knows how to create the right balance of content and audience participation. I thoroughly enjoyed her presentation.

Arthur VanGundy
Brainstorming Expert
Best-Selling Author

Inspiring and



Branding Speaker Extraordinaire

Never lacking for words, Holly M. O'Neill, Founder and President of Talking Business is always ready to share her expertise with professional associations. You can rely on Holly to entertain, inform and stretch your thinking. Her years of moderating focus groups and brainstorming sessions make her a natural talent as a keynote speaker. She's one of those rare talents who easily connects with her audience to both inspire and challenge them.

Holly is an authority on the following subjects:

  • Focus groups and market research
  • Branding
  • Naming
  • Brainstorming/Ideation
  • Panel Moderator

Some of her recent speaking engagements and topics include:

Focus Groups

American Marketing Association (AMA) 25th Annual Marketing Research Conference - "Focus Groups: Are You Leaving Extra Insights On The Table?"

IIR's The Market Research Event - "Turbo Charge Your Next Focus Group! Innovative Techniques for Fresh & Actionable Insights"

Qualitative Research Consultants Association (QRCA) - "Annual Conference - Energize Your Focus Groups with Innovative Projectives!"

Orange County Public Relations Society of America (OCPRSA) - "Using Market Research to Drive Successful Public Relations"

QRCA - Northern California - "Projectives Workshop"

QRCA - Southern California - "The Power of Projectives"

QRCA - Southern California - "Energize Your Reports with Digital Photos!"

AMA - Southern California - "Real Techniques to Build Great Brands"

Branding & Brainstorming

Marketing Research & Intelligence Association (MRIA) - "The Architecture of Brand Naming"

Creative Problem Solving Institute (CPSI) - "Two Parts Ideating and One Part Branding - Creating Successful Brand Names"

QRCA - 20th Annual Conference - "Creating & Testing Winning Brand Names!"

QRCA - Annual Conference - "Brainstorming to Build Your Business"

QRCA - Pacific Northwest - "Creating & Testing Winning Brand Names!"

QRCA - Southern California - "Using Consumer Insights to Develop Great Brand Names"

Panel Presentations

Harvard Business School's Entrepreneurs Conference - Branding Panel

Access Executive Network - Branding Panel

Legal Marketing Association (LMA) - Public Relations Panel Moderator

AMA Annual Marketing Research Conference - Panel Moderator

University Instructor

University of California Irvine Extension - Understanding Customers and Markets Through Research

University of California Irvine Extension - Branding

Television Host

Talking Business (Cable TV) - Host and producer

Talented Research & Branding Expert - Holly M. O'Neill

If you would like more information regarding Holly's availability for speaking engagements or on any of our focus group, branding or brainstorming programs, please call us at 949.721.4160 or email us at talk@talkingbusiness.net.