Holly has an innate talent to "get to the bottom of an issue" no matter how sensitive it might be. Whether our subjects are recent ID theft victims or individuals struggling to improve their credit, we know that Holly will have the sensitivity, tact and rapport to effectively to get at the core issues. As a company that relies on research to connect with our target audience, we sincerely look to Holly when the stakes - and the need for the very best - are the highest.

Shawn Rife
Director of Consumer Insights
Experian Consumer Direct

Talking Business

Asks the Questions that

Get You the Answers

Tapping Into Consumer and Market Trends

Talking Business specializes in innovative marketing research and strategic brand management. Our services include:

  • Focus groups
  • In-depth interviews (IDI's)
  • Ethnography and Shop-Alongs
  • Online focus groups
  • Online surveys
  • Marketing strategy
  • Branding and positioning strategy
  • Brand and product naming
  • Brainstorming/Ideation

Industry experience includes:

  • Consumer packaged goods and services
  • Financial services
  • Internet/Technology
  • Restaurant, Hospitality & Travel
  • Pharmaceuticals

Talking Business works with clients to build market connected brands by employing both creative and analytical approaches. We synthesize marketing know-how with a keen ability to connect with consumers, tap into market trends and leverage brand insights. With an approachable and upbeat style, Talking Business engages with clients to build brands and create marketing efforts that resonate with consumers.

Focus Groups and Qualitative Marketing Research

Talking Business has the talent to stimulate lively and productive focus groups. We use qualitative research to gain powerful and emotional brand insights about your target market.

As trained moderators, we are skilled at selecting the right methodology or combination of methodologies to match the objectives for a project. We are accomplished at quickly building rapport and stimulating meaningful discussion with any target audience is, no matter how diverse the group. From financial services, to technology, to health care, we connect with your audience, whether consumers or business-to-business.

With our creative probing techniques, participants answer questions in their own words. We explore their needs, values and passions to better understand why they buy (or don't buy) and what they really want. Using customized projectives and interactive exercises, participants get so involved, they forget where they are, forget about the two-way mirror, and start telling the truth.

We gather the right information for meaningful interpretation. As a result, we obtain the strategic insights you need to give your company a competitive edge in:

  • Unearthing what's driving your category and brand
  • Understanding of consumer attitudes and product usage
  • Sharpening your advertising message
  • Identifying new market opportunities
  • Developing new products and services
  • Identifying trends

We deliver real client value by partnering with clients to better understand consumer needs, attitudes, perceptions and decision-making processes. By looking at the boundaries, realities, and priorities of your target market, you gain a better understanding of the soul of your brand and your competitors' brands.

Types of qualitative studies we have extensive experience in conducting include:

  • Attitudes and usage
  • Category exploration
  • Positioning studies
  • Advertising and copy testing
  • Motivational analysis
  • Consumer segmentation
  • Product segmentation
  • New product development
  • Idea generation

Branding and Positioning Strategy

Talking Business helps you discover the soul of your brand: how it feels, looks and sounds to your customers. We help you know the role your brand plays in people's lives. You gain the insider's knowledge you need to instinctively position your brand for success.

Objective and comprehensive branding research is key to successful marketing or brand planning. Our branding process helps you gain insight and define your target market. We dig deep. We unearth genuine insights that lead to practical strategies that really work.

We can help you grow your business by evaluating your brand identity and imagery. As a result, you'll have a unique identity that differentiates you from the competition. We'll build you a branding strategy that ties your brand to your target customers... and most importantly, resonates with them.

Our strategists look for answers and solutions to maximize the potential of your brand's assets. We develop breakthrough positioning to build brands. We create inspiring corporate and product names that capture the essence of your brand.

Some of our branding services include:

  • Positioning strategy
  • Branding architecture
  • Naming - Corporate and product names
  • Identity and logo development
  • Marketing strategy
  • Marketing collateral

Strategic Brainstorming and New Product Ideation

Talking Business uses strategic brainstorming to assist with corporate marketing initiatives. Based on your objectives, custom design workshops around your needs. We create an environment that breaks down barriers, sparks imagination and encourages people to come up with fresh ideas.

We help generate ideas that lead to breakthrough products. Our powerful idea processes are led by experts who are naturally adept at creating breakthrough concepts... and published on the subject of brainstorming. Our skilled facilitators deftly employ hundreds of brainstorming and ideation techniques that inspire creativity. We generate new product concepts to meet the real needs of consumers. As a result, you:

  • Create fresh ideas
  • Eliminate the clutter in your thinking
  • Identify new products with higher marketplace potential

Facilitator led brainstorming sessions get to the heart of new product concept development. Our innovative toolkit includes:

  • New product development
  • Branding strategy
  • Internal Branding
  • Naming - Corporate and product names

Talking Business is Ready to Generate Breakthrough Ideas

If you are ready to get your marketing ball rolling, give us a call at 949.721.4160 or email us at talk@talkingbusiness.net to get information on any of our focus group, branding or brainstorming programs.