Holly's presentations are well thought out, very professional, enjoyable, interactive and provide tangible takeaways... all the things you HOPE your presenters will provide. I highly recommend

Susan Thornhill
2005 Annual QRCA Conference

In The News with Holly M. O'Neill,

Founder and President,

Talking Business

Focus Group Articles:

Projectives: Setting the Stage for Fresher Consumer Insights - Quirks Marketing Research Review

Interactive Exercises Better Engage Groups - Marketing News (American Marketing Association)

Using Your Qualitative Skills To Drive Great Proposals - QRCA Views (Qualitative Research Consultants Association)

Branding Articles:

Back to Basics Best for Small Businesses - Marketing News (American Marketing Association)

Brainstorming Books:

101 More Great Games & Activities by Arthur B. VanGundy, Robert Alan Black and Holly M. O'Neill (Pfeiffer)

101 More Great Games & Activities

Orchestrating Collaboration At Work by Arthur VanGundy (Pfeiffer)

Orchestrating Collaboration At Work

TV Show:

Host & Producer: Talking Business cable TV show

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