When it comes to world-class B2B market research, look no further. When my company decided to pursue a corporate re-branding initiative, I called upon Talking Business to help me navigate the functional needs and emotional triggers of our customers and prospects. Holly designed three extensive studies over the last 18 months which provided everything we needed to make sound decisions for our new brand, ensuring it will have maximum impact in the marketplace and provide optimum ROI - thanks again.

Kristy Cornell
Manager, Corporate Marketing
McBride Electric

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Talking Business Provides Marketing & Research Solutions

At Talking Business, our purpose is to help our clients ask the right questions so they can solve their marketing and research problems. Companies know they can trust us to deliver creative business insight and direction because our team is dedicated to excellence.

If you are looking for an impactful marketing research or marketing solution, Talking Business is the right choice.

Consumer Behavior Experts

The people behind Talking Business are MBAs who have held senior marketing positions on both the client and supplier sides. They understand what you need to know to make sound decisions. Strategically minded, the team at Talking Business combines marketing expertise with sophisticated research. As leading professionals, they have developed proprietary techniques that reveal both surface and underlying needs, attitudes and motivations of your customers.

Talking Business delivers the truth behind brands and what motivates purchase behavior - the vital insights decision makers need to drive competitive marketing solutions. Using projective techniques and interactive exercises, they are able to obtain the type of feedback a company needs to grow an established business, launch new products, create influential brands and develop powerful advertising.

An internationally recognized consulting firm, Talking Business offers a variety of consulting services that lead to practical and meaningful solutions to complex marketing research and marketing issues.

Creative Leadership

Founder and President, Holly M. O'Neill, launched Talking Business over ten years ago. Her strategic leadership has effectively created a company noted for its creative ability to understand group dynamics and interpret consumer behavior. Having moderated hundreds of focus groups and brainstorming sessions, Holly is noted for her engaging, positive and personable moderating style.

Holly's impressive resume includes author, speaker, trainer, TV host, and university instructor. She has presented at the Harvard Business School's Entrepreneurs Conference, the American Marketing Association's 25th annual Marketing Research Conference, IIR's The Market Research Event and multiple Qualitative Research Consultants Association's annual conferences. She co-authored the brainstorming book, 101 More Great Games & Activities and is the host of the cable TV show, Talking Business. Holly is also a valued instructor at University of California, Irvine, teaching marketing research and branding as part of their marketing certificate program.

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All it takes is a quick phone call or e-mail to start on your journey to greater research and branding success. Get information on any of our focus group, branding or brainstorming programs by calling us at 949.721.4160 or email us at talk@talkingbusiness.net.